FDR, ‘the juggler’, was father of the bomb

The Mask of Dimitrios — Sydney Greenstreet (The Fat Man), Peter Lorre (The Thin Man), and Faye Emerson, bride of Elliot Roosevelt.

Come closer. I have another story to tell you. Astounding. Incredible. Fabulous tale of Dimitrios, an evil genius whose crimes baffled the continent for 20 years.

religion / coincidence / prayer

my ongoing conversation with God

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How to develop a community Quality Improvement Program

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winning / elections / civic action

Elect democracy; vote for the freedom to vote

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The gift of pain

Now I wake me up to live!

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Hang on!

When I feel like giving up, I have learned to give UP.

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Miss Daisy

I’m blessed to be a blessing. Listen: I’ve got something to say.

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