religion / coincidence / prayer

my ongoing conversation with God

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“Houston, we have a problem.”

The astronauts on Apollo 13 were talking to the engineers in the control room. (Isn’t that the most remarkable thing though? They were in space, speaking to mere earthlings, asking earth-bound people for help!)

How to develop a community Quality Improvement Program

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There’s always room for improvement.

winning / elections / civic action

Elect democracy; vote for the freedom to vote

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Voting is to democracy what eating is to living. Minimal action is essential; more may be better.

The gift of pain

Now I wake me up to live!

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Hang on!

When I feel like giving up, I have learned to give UP.

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It is a cold, cruel world.

African American History = American History

The Port Chicago Nuclear explosion theory is like a mirror that shows the slip in America’s humanity

This sensational headline is more than a bit ridiculous, not to mention inaccurate. But, that being said, investigation of the Port Chicago nuclear explosion theory reveals significant aspects of American history that have been concealed within the secrecy of the Manhattan Project for seventy-five years.

Miss Daisy

I’m blessed to be a blessing. Listen: I’ve got something to say.

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